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Meet Gregg & Linda

Currently Gregg serves on three ministry teams. He is one of four Principals on a Church Resource Ministries (CRM) sub-team called reTURN (a reference to "returning" to the heart of God). Gregg serves as both an Intentional Interim Pastor (IIP) and as the Diagnostic Division Team Leader, providing churches with multi-tiered diagnostic options. AdditionallyGregg serves as an Interim Pastor with Interim Pastor Ministries (IPM). Gregg is also the founder of PRISM Leadership Group. These three ministry teams have overlapping values and vision.

What makes all three teams distinctive is that we are pastors not consultants. This means we ALWAYS seek to engage a church with a pastoral intent and a shepherd's heart. 

Linda is a board member with PRISM and recently retired from teaching after eighteen years. In addition to partnering more often with Gregg in serving churches, she is working as a substitute teacher in the Santa Barbara School District. She also serves in administration and bookkeeping roles for both reTURN and PRISM. 

Gregg and Linda live in Santa Barbara CA and have four adult children.